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2 Pack Cap Gun Bottle Opener

2 Pack Cap Gun Bottle Opener

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Quality Product: Cap Gun Bottle Opener consists of ABS plastic, metal, and magnet. They are fun to use, lightweight, and sturdy. Low carbon and environmental protection.

Fun and Cool Party Toys: These are the life of the party , everyone loves playing with cap gun bottle openers and seeing who could shoot them the furthest. Very creative and attractive party toy, ideal for breaking the ice.

Designed for Joke gift: This is the ideal gift for parties, anniversaries, Christmas, or any holiday gathering. Best gift to give to your drinking buddies, families, and friends.

Safety Notes: Be aware that this Bottle Opener is NOT a real toy. Please keep it away from kids. DO NOT aim it at any person when using it.

This is not a toy. Keep away from children under 14.


Product Weight:  0.22 Lbs

Product Size:  5.12"×0.79“×1.57”

Bottle Opener And Cap Launcher:  Suitable For Ages 14.

Pop The Cap, Load The Gun With It, And Shoot It.

Shoots For Around 16 ft Far Mostly. Creative Tricky Opener.

Color:  Black, Red

Material:  ABS+ Metal + Magnet

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