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Beer shotgun party tool

Beer shotgun party tool

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Perfect Beverages Shotgun Tool
Combining the smoothness of beverage pump mechanism with the satisfaction of cracking a cold one. Our tool will re-engineer the drinking of beer and will fit any regular-sized can.
Quick and Satisfying Puncture
Sure you can make a hole with your thumb, tooth or generic shotgun tool, but nowhere else will you find a tool that looks, feels and sounds like a real shotgun! You can turn every shotgun into a truly memorable experience.
No More Spills
Our tool not only punctures the beer can quickly but also adds a diversion feature that allows the liquor to flow into the mouth without a drop spilling.
Helping you finish a beer in seconds.
No More Cut Lips or Fingers
Say goodbye to getting your finger cut when trying to shape the perfect hole. Beer Revel Pump will give you a quick and consistent puncture every time!
Shotgun your drink through the built-in spout which is smooth and safe. You will never worry about getting your lips caught for a hanger ever again.It is also a more sanitary approach since you don't have to put your mouth on a dirty can.
Easy to Use
Load your beer can into the Beer Revel Pump, pop the tab of your beer, and start chugging through the opening on the bottom. Load it, pump it, spin it, gun it.
Both men and women can easily use.
Usage Scenarios
Suitable for family or friends gathering, beach party, camping, picnic, competition and more.

Product information:
Material: plastic
Packaging Specifications: Single
Color: new wine opener red, new wine opener black, new wine opener blue
Size: 10.2*10.2*8.2cm

Packing list:
Can opener*1

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